Course Dates August - Jan 2015

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Catamaran Training Course:

Due to demand:

-       16th – 17th August 2014


Yacht Hand Course:

August  2014

-       16th – 17th

September 2014

-       06th – 07th

October  2014

-       04th – 05th

November  2014

-       08th – 09th

December 2014

-       13th – 14th

January 2015

-       02nd – 03rd

Day Skipper Course:

August 2014

-       16th  – 24th

September 2014

-       06th – 14th

October 2014

-       04th – 12th

November 2014

-       08th – 16th

December 2014

-       13th – 21st

January 2015

-       02th – 10th


Coastal Skipper:

September 2014

-       22nd – 26th (Theory/Nav)

-       29th – 01st (Prac/Boat Handling)


Mileage Trips:

August 2014

Langebaan – Durban Return (+ 1800nm)

-       16th Aug – 19th Sep


September 2014

Durban – East London Return (+ 550nm)

-       15th – 21st

Durban – Richards Bay (+ 200nm)

-       15th – 18th


October 2014

Durban – Richards Bay Return (+ 200nm)

-       13th – 16th


November 2014

Durban – Richards Bay Return (+ 200nm)

-       17th – 20th


January 2015

Durban – Richards Bay Return (+ 200nm)

-       01th – 14th



July 2014

-       21st – 25th

August 2014

-       18th – 22nd

September 2014

-       22nd – 26th

October 2014

-       20th – 24th

November 2014

-       17th – 21st

December 2014

-       15th – 19th


Day Skipper Adventure Package:

1)     August

Yacht Hand:        02th – 03th

Day Skipper:       02th – 10th

Mileage:              None


2)     September

Yacht Hand:        06th – 07th

Day Skipper:       06th – 14th

Mileage(DBN – EL): 15th – 21st


3)     October

Yacht Hand:        04th – 05th

Day Skipper:       04th – 12th

Mileage:              13th – 16th


4)     November

Yacht Hand:        08th – 09th

Day Skipper:       08th – 16th

Mileage:              17th – 20th


5)      January 2015

Yacht Hand:        02nd – 03rd

Day Skipper:       02nd – 10th   

Mileage:              11th – 14th






Sea Sailing Adventure - Durban Sailing Academy 1

Sea Sailing Adventure - Durban Sailing Academy 2

Sea Sailing Adventure - Durban Sailing Academy 3

Sea Sailing Adventure - Durban Sailing Academy 5

Sea Sailing Adventure - Durban Sailing Academy 6

Sea Sailing Adventure - Durban Sailing Academy 8

Sea Sailing Adventure - Durban Sailing Academy 10

Sea Sailing Adventure - Durban Sailing Academy 10


Sea Sailing Adventure's Sailing Academy is South African Sailing (SAS) accredited and this is in turn endorsed by the ICC (International Certificate of Competence). All Skippers tickets from Day Skipper level and upwards carry an ICC endorsement.

SSA is focused on providing top quality training. We know that the ocean demands a high level of competence and our dedication and expert training will ensure that you achieve the standards required whilst having the adventure of a lifetime.

Choose the course that suits you and step safely aboard the start of your adventure.

Sea Sailing Adventure’s Courses:

SSA Yacht Hand Course

The Yacht Hand is an introduction to the world of sailing; test your ‘sea legs’ and get accustomed to life under sail. This course covers the basics of sailing and boat handling, and will enable you to become a useful crew member aboard a yacht.

Duration: 2 Days
Mileage logged: + 50NM
Cost: R3300

Download full Yacht Hand Course details (PDF)

SAS/ICC Day Skipper Course

The first notch in your ‘captain’s belt’! This is a high standard day skipper course, , leaving you competent to skipper a yacht yourself during day light hours.

Whether you want to sail your own yacht or charter a yacht internationally; this course will give you the confidence and qualifications to do so.

The standard Day Skipper course is run over 9 days, weekend to weekend, meaning you will only need one work week off to complete the course.

For those of you without the time restraints; the Day Skipper Adventure course includes a highly recommended 4 day, 200nm mileage trip (Durban – Richards Bay Return).


  • Day Skipper: 9 Days
  • Day Skipper Adventure: 13Days

Mileage logged:

  • Day Skipper: 200NM (minimum)
  • Day Skipper Adventure: 400NM (approx.)


  • Day Skipper: R9900
  • Day Skipper Adventure: R13 500
Download full Day Skipper course details (PDF)

SAS/ICC Coastal Skipper Course

The Coastal Skipper course is a step into a real sailing adventure. Once the Coastal Skipper ticket is obtained you are able to skipper a yacht anywhere, from port to port, within South African waters. Like the Day Skipper, it also holds the ICC endorsement.

The Coastal Skipper course is divided into various modules to ensure you can meet all the requirements and complete the course and examinations in a time frame that suits you.

Please see the PDF link below for Duration, Mileage and Costing options.

Download full Coastal Skipper course details (PDF)

Mileage Trips

Set sail and enjoy the beautiful South African coast line whilst gaining mileage and experience in your logbook. All mileage trips include an experienced Yachtmaster qualified skipper/instructor on board to help further your sailing skills.

Download full Mileage Trips details (PDF)

Catamaran Training

Sailing and operating catamarans has many new challenges and differences when compared with a monohull yacht. SSA’s Catamaran training will teach you the basic skills required to safely operate and/or charter a catamaran under both sail and motor.

Sea Sailing Adventure runs its catamaran training on a 40ft Parlay design catamaran.

Download full Catamaran Training details (PDF)

Course Packages

Everyone loves a cost effective package, SSA are no different. Choose from a few packages to suit your needs and get the most out of your sailing adventure!

Download full Course Packages options (PDF)

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